Pochettino Wants Spurs to Dare Against Madrid

Pochettino Wants Spurs to Dare Against Madrid

Tottenham Hotspur coach Mauricio Pochettino wants his side to be brave in the group phase against Real Madrid.

Tottenham are not necessarily reinforced by Harry Kane in the game, but Pochettino believes that a brave performance is much more important, than the existence of a star player.

“Of course, this is a game where we have to come boldly,” the Argentine told reporters. “If you do not dare, then you will start losing.”

“For me, one or more players in team selection is not important. It’s more in touch with our squad, and it’s not about a single player. ”

“How we play will be very brave.”

“We have to be able to play freely and enjoy the game. If we perform with fear, then we will certainly have trouble demonstrating our quality. “

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