Stoger Seen Victory at the Hoffenheim Game

Stoger Seen Victory at the Hoffenheim Game

Borussia Dortmund new coach Peter Stoger admitted that he wanted to see BVB embrace victory in the game against TSV Hoffenheim.

Dortmund managed to end their winning drought in the match against Mainz. In the game, Dortmund managed to win 2-0 through go Sokratis and Shinji Kagawa.

Stoger admits that the win has slightly boosted the morale in his squad, but he realizes he still has a lot of work in the BVB.

“Although we managed to win at Mainz, the climate in the squad has not changed much,” the German man told reporters. “We are a bit more relaxed, but the situation in our team can not be solved only with good results.”

“As a coach, I need support. Currently, I do not get as much training time as I want. But I want to reach the winter break, with two wins. “

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